Table Sewing Basket

Nantucket Lightship Basket Sewing Table


This table with a removable sewing basket on top and a smaller version beneath was made by Michael Kane. The top basket was made to be used for needlepoint or sewing. Notice the large mahogany top with all the wooden carved shells. Michael choose different woods to give the contrast on the mahogany top. The basket has double oak handles with mahogany overlays. Ebony scroll work goes up each side and the handles are finished off with small pink ivory wood scallop shells on each handle. The front clasp is made from antique ivory and ebony with a pink ivory wood scallop shell to finish it. On the shelf below you will find a smaller version of the sewing basket except that it has an antique ivory top with scrimshaw by Dorothy Grant O’Hara. To finish off the table, notice the carved antique ivory seahorses on each leg and the mermaid under the small basket.