Moby Dick Theme

One of a kind Moby Dick Theme Nantucket Lightship Basket


This shows the 10″ Oval Nantucket Lightship Basket with the Moby Dick theme, made by Michael Kane and the scrimshaw is done by Dorothy Grant O’Hara. The basket has a whales tail clasp with an antique ivory skirt around that has scrimshaw telling the story of Moby Dick. The antique ivory overlay on the oak handles shows the different types of spears that would have been used when whaling and a small whales tooth with a ship for the buttons. The top has a carved Moby Dick with a beautiful scrimshaw scene around him. This basket was commissioned by a couple that wanted to be a part of the building process. Pictures were taken, visits were made and research was done including the client the whole way. It was a very exciting process for both of us.