I-Phone Size Clutch

Clutch Nantucket Lightship Basket


Michael Kane made this I-Phone size clutch lightship basket to be worn as a clutch or as a shoulder basket. Notice that Michael does a stand for his clutch basket so they can be displayed when not in use. The front has a fluted ivory top with a beautifully carved basket of flowers, with rosa rugosa, thistels and asters by Michael. The back side of this clutch has an inlayed turquoise map of Nantucket Island. Inside you will find a quarterboard for you to have it personalized for yourself. The quarterboard has carved thistels on the end. To finish the inside there is an ultra suede liner and also a small bag to keep your braided leather strap in when not in use. So next time you are at a cocktail party and need your hands free just take out your leather strap and put your basket on your shoulder! This size basket starts out at $2.900 for the basic basket and then you build what you want from there.